Clastic Depositional Environments

Reconstruction of the Cretaceous Gates Formation
A wave dominated shoreline, northeastern British Columbia

clastic map, 17 kb

By clicking on a word on the image, or one of the words below, you will be shown examples of rocks typical of the environment. As you will see, rocks of very similar characteristics may occur in more than one environment. Interpretation of depositional environment relies on looking at each rock in its stratigraphic context.

Offshore and Transition Zone Shoreface
Beach Lagoon Tidal Flat
Braided River Anastomosing River Levee
Crevasse Splay Wave Dominated Delta Non-marine Overbank
Mire (peat-forming wetland) Alluvial Fan Lake

This web site is based on a core display (Yes! Real rocks!) located in the Geological Sciences Building, University of British Columbia.

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